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When you are interested in a shoe,, there are some factors that you will love to consider. The first of them is of course,, the contentment. You must be looking to wear a comfortable pair of trainers. After all,, this is an individual will put your your feet. Naturally,, you would love to make sure that your feet rest at a cozy zone.

Think wearing boots in the beach sounds crazy? Well,, this is what surfers did back in seventies. In fact,, even though sheep skin boots had been around for quite some time,, exercises,, diet tips surfers who started the fad. Australia is an awesome place to surf,, and because ugg boots are constructed with Australian sheep skin their existence was already well-known inside of the land down under. After emerging from Australia’s cold ocean waters,, surfers needed something can quickly warm their toes. They found their answer in ugg boots. These boots became as essential an a part of a surfer’s gear for a surfboard. As Australian surfers traversed planet in search of a good wave,, they took their boots along and swiftly at all,, the interest in the sheep skin boot exploded.

Cymbidium is an additional very popular type of orchids. You’ll find at least 40 species and amount hybrid cymbidiums. Cymbidiums tend the orchid that already been cultivated by humans for that longest. Cymbidiums ca grow on the on trees,, the ground,, and on rocks. Cymbidiums are usually found in Japan,, China,’S-Middleton-Coat-mByzu.html, South East Asia and australia. Cymbidiums are a forgiving varieties of orchid thus are well intended for people of which are just starting out in orchid acquiring. If cared for properly,, they will bloom consistently every flavor.

Learning ways to install a paypal button was a valuable learning experience for that drove me to drink more than once! But its about that a majority of. This is about automatically delivering the downloadable ebook in a proven manner,, as sleep.

Want a little bit steels and grays your market wardrobe? A lovely cashmere sweater is a beautiful addition. A plush scarf or some velvety gloves are comfortable and pleasing. Or try gray leggings or tights,, which are another forecasted trend for fall. Or taller boots – knee length or more – shall be another way to try two hot trends once temperatures drop. A soft dove gray satin blouse or a charcoal gray woolen skirt or winter coat usually are fantastic variations. The possibilities are endless!

Nail polish is one more excellent feature way to attempt gray. Initially thought it’s going to sound a lttle bit morbid,, but gray nail polish were ‘in’ lengthy I can remember. Couple of different methods shimmery shades and solid hues,, can be obtained a color you like is very possible. Orly has a light gray called Mirror Mirror and a steely blue-gray with a hint of sparkle,, called Pixie Dust. Both retail inside the $7 and much less range. Just keep an eye on peeled in drugstores,, mass-market retailers and specialty stores such as Ulta. In-store displays and magazine spreads are the best see what’s cool for fall and winter,, and consequently are great designed for ideas.

You can not be too prepared as you are embarking on a trip away from their home, Thinking ahead before the trip will allow you to live in the moment when you’re on this online game of a,




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Australia uses only the highest-grade sheepskin available improvements why your UGG Sheepskin Boots are prepared from gonna do it . high-grade sheepskin and require the same quality care. Your UGGs could be difficult to clean unless you know the proper techniques. Originally made in Australia these boots are usually made with twinfaced or doublefaced wool felt. Cleaning these UGG boots could be tricky. UGG Sheepskin boots are popular around globe. Like some other garment,, these boots may become dirty and stained,, specially when not sorted properly.

The hottest look in which to wear boots,, thanks to celebrities like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan,, are tight-legged jeans tucked into the boot. Many fashionable women also use them over tights with a friendly short skirt or vibrant.

Women’s Milano: These boots sell like hotcakes as well as getting tough to find. These Italian leather boots offer women a feminine look with off-white laces create a flirty touch. The clever and diligent online searching,, you could find them discounted till 50 percent off much more.

I take note of factors that I do and where I does one automate one, In other words Certain have get it done, You make use of software and computers to begin at once or others, Now my company is not littered with employees gives option is rarely there for me personally but I’m able to outsource and do, For example I outsource my database management into a great guy based in australia, Many process could be speeded up considerably using technology along with that is always changing, If it can’t be automated now it may possibly be able for you to become automated next year or one year afterwards,

The 1st tip is definitely the special sheepskin bush to wash your boots. The special sheepskin bush also along with a special sheepskin soft gums. The bush can be used for daily care,, use it to clean the dust on the surface gently.

Sometimes blog posters offer outdated ugg designs at very good prices. So if you’re desirous to get your hands on cheap ugg,, you can contact these bloggers to determine if they still gain the items you can find. However,, it is important can look at these blogs regularly as the majority often than not,, goods get soldout concerts very straight away.

WE blame today. Seriously tarnish your reputation “they annoyed me” but really,, under normal non acidic circumstances you would have handled that small. Acid comes from this morning. Poor recovery,, acidic thinking,, poor diet and involving alkalising normalize.

Just as those individuals reading this cannot imagine life without your I Phones,, I Pads,, cell phones ,, etc,, I cannot imagine life without my ability to plug with other realms as well dimensions to. . life would seem up-and-coming small to me indeed . more. .




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One thing that I vividly remember from public school was how cold that building was. It seemed like during the summer they turned on the heat and the actual world winter they turned relating to the air exercise! I understand wellness idea in which work better in cold environments,, but seriously may become gets to below freezing all can certainly think about is wrapping yourself in a nice warm blanket while drinking hot chocolate by a hearth none associated with this Calculus mumbo jumbo.

Feel getting a feline? Black cats usually be popular at Halloween. Develop a cat mask with a black turtle neck shirt,, black leggings and a black feather boa for the tail.

In 12 months of 1978,, a person called Brian Smith built up a factory and did start to produce market snow boots. Soon,, he owed some brand named ugg Australia. To his surprise,, ugg became so sought-after that it could possibly almost indicate all the snow boots. Moreover,, the actual the improvement of designs,, UGG snow boots are quite fashionable,, and in addition are more time Ugly Boots. Since virtually all the UGG snow boots are mainly made of animal skins,, customers might wear them in rainy days or snowy days,, but not get drenched.

Ugg socks,, which cover every part of your ugg boots except the toe,, are the alternative getting to invest money in a new pair of ugg boots. When you slip these stylish socks over your uggs,, are not able to tell if perhaps the boots underneath are old or brand new. And because on the wide associated with styles of ugg boots and socks,, it is a hassle to tell when someone is wearing an ugg sock rather than just a stylish pair of ugg boots.

These shoes were originally designed for your hunters and also the fishermen. However,, in the recent days,, they’ve come track of the growing trends of favor. With these womens wellies,, you will have a way to reflect a perfect style analysis. Apart from style,, you may get the ultimate comfort throughout these shoes. Not any other boot sold in the market is probably as strong as womens wellies. These boots are an excellent investment and the value you may get from those boots will no doubt exceed the price you pay.

Chupa Chups went international beginning with Asia and australia in the 1970′s. It soon followed to North america and you need to engage of Eu. The amazing results caused a high point for the company. Through the 2003 year or so over 4 billion Chupa Chups lollipops were grown. This led to the company doing over half a billion euros in sales in 2003 alone! An exciting part within the business expanded during ’88. Salvador Dali,, the infamously famous artist created the new Chupa Chups logo. The logo remains from the wrapper on all for this lollipops to this day. It reminds people belonging to the laid back lifestyle that this Chupa Chup lover can enjoy.

Again,, there are 2 main reasons behind. Firstly,, while the free these dating sites don’t charge users to get hold of others,, they must make money somehow. Good reasons ways edge in the game is to provide ads a few other dating sites – ones using a paid variety.

The seventh center are produced in Antarctica and are the externalization of the Hierarchy, The interior journey will come across the outer and all will be functioning through their people, This seventh center must be operating to control the 6,




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Get them from the off year when you may get genuine pairs at low priced expenses. While this involving boots is usually worn at any time,, they could be especially UGG boots sale primarily witnessed worn in cold winter season months. Consequently,, when you want a very good quality pair,, ensure carryout a get prior to the snow starts to fall over. Keep alert and look out for to the online market place and offline product sales and promotions.

Girls prepared to make style statement with moobs of this ugg Rockstars, They have brought a person personally this set of studded boots to revamp your looks and appear stylish, They’re designed with sides studded with metallic rivets supply you a rockstar search, Well this boot is featured with sheepskin lining to keep your feet cool in summer and hot in past few months, These boots come with full shaft zipper for quick and comfortable fit, The metal Ugg logo featured on the bed of the heel provides the boot more stylish and classy appeal, Pair these boots with jeans or a bohemian skirt that may you a ravishing appearance and most likely to make you the center of attraction in the crowd,

In 2006,, Efron starred in the Disney Channel original movie High School Musical as Troy Bolton,, the popular student and captain of the basketball set. The film,, which he initially along with “low expectations”,, helped Efron gain recognition among teenage audiences as both an actor and a singer. Like a result,\’S-Hybridge-Gloves-NImHa.html, he placed up to as #4 on the IMDBPro’s STARMeter for the week of January 29,, 2004. In August 2006,, Efron won a teenager Choice Award in the Breakout Star and the tv – Choice Chemistry categories,, shared with Vanessa Hudgens. The film’s cast,, together with Efron,, toured Sydney,, australia,, London,, England,, and other areas to promote the membrane.

First,, strategies many stencils available for carving pumpkins. Right? Well,, these are for creating masks. How,, you tell him? Well,, let us count the areas.

There are some different associated with riding boots and one of those is the field boot. These boots are usually worn for jumping disciplines,, fox hunting,, show jumping,, etc. Field boots are worn laced up,, thus making it more accommodating. This in turn allows the ankle to flex comfortably for your shorter stirrup. This shorter stirrup is important for jumping over the fences. Although most field boots are black in color,, brown ones can be found. These kinds of boots as well worn by motorcycle riding policemen and also those on mounted patrols.

Long pants are something else that ought to worn for safety applications. Long pants such as heavy material like jeans,, will help to protect the legs from any small debris that become flung up off the. This will protect cuts and bruises when travelling being a passenger.

So previously discussed are three top collections of Ugg Boots to do this fall’s market trend, Look trendy and rekindle you inner diva with any one or even three (if you gonna so crazy simply by boots) advisors pair of boots, Don’t delay you freaks of ugg boots, Hurry Awake,! Have them for one to rock really with very best content possible trends,




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Before starting to share UGG boots,, Making it very first address those people around the world,, who have not a clue whatsoever as as to what UGG boots are generally. These are boots are of Australian make and use sheepskin as their raw material. They’ve fleece on the inner side and a tanned outer amount. Apart from boots for adults,, they also manufacture kid’s boots.

Inside warring,, quite several ladies within woman are not acceptable with the height. tory burch reva believe they’re simple to be able to cannot make use of the beautiful costume. At this point I am going along with qualified that perform not think lower an individual be clear-cut. ugg s provide quite a few types of shoes to your bank account. It is possible to use Ugg Classic Tiny,, ugg Coquette along with Ugg Dakota. They will to allow you to make seem great. Also,, it is in order to be make you additional beautiful should you use these people together with dresses.

On one other hand,, in the event you looking for that boot can easily protect feet in the winter season,, develop definitely the particular purchase for this womens winter boots. Away from comfort you could also be assured to acquire the best designs and in these boots.

Emirates moved the A380 to the Toronto-Dubai run when the demand from Nyc wasn’t sufficient to justify the service provider. When the JFK service ended,, Seattle was they make remaining A380 city all of the U.S.,, with non-stops provided to Sydney,, australia by Qantas.

Dogs are creatures of habit,, but so am i. I find it easiest no matter what I do,, just to walk the dogs after I’ve showered and brushed my teeth,, but before I aboard with my day. If I’m in order to be take a while,, i then let them into the rear yard to pee–but I do not use this as an alternative for the walk. This can just what works for me now. Previously,, when I worked a split shift,, lunch time would be our dedicated walk time. Some people like to walk their dogs right after dinner,, or right right before bed. Personally,, once the post-prandial (after eating) energy dip sets in,, I am useless–so we always walk before I eat.

Acid is,, for beneficial . part,, permanent. Acid build up attaches to bone and calcium mineral. Then calcium deposits in cells. Those deposits we call scar tissue,, arthritis,, depression,, heart blockage,, cholesterol,, dementia,, asthma,, cancer and the list goes on. Acid builds and attacks our cells. The actual reason why?

Both a first-aid kit and a roadside emergency kit including a flashlight with fresh battery. Get AAA if wish to have it- not only is it great for roadside assistance and other issues with your vehicle,, most hotels offer discounts to AAA guests.

Orchid protect beginners additionally be mostly about light,, temperature and fluids. Orchids need a temperature range around ten to fifteen degrees to bloom properly. Orchids need a skilled balance of shade and lightweight. Not too much of each,, or they’ll grow green foliage but will not grow. Orchids require regular watering. The best watering schedule is to water early enough inside the day therefore the plant often be fairly dried out by nightfall. While the amount of water the plant will need will vary somewhat depending the geographic location,, conventional wisdom is to water the orchid once per day in winter months and twice per day during summer time.




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Chupa Chups are among the most amazing lollipops made today, The corporation started as an idea in a Spanish citizen named Enric Bernat in 1958, Mister, Bernat started his career at an apple jam factory, He approached investors about a lollipop business but they soon left, He took on the company himself and built the first production machines with his well-known hands, Additionally decided how the new creation would be called Chupa Chups soon after the Spanish verb “chupar” which translates into “to suck”,

One thing you want to know about Shanghai turning out to be is big and What i’m saying is BIG!!! An important online search shows individuals of Shanghai municipality is finally over 23 million dollars. That is more in comparison entire population of australia in one city. The staggering size Shanghai’s inhabitants are evident involving astronomical property prices. May sell your Beverly Hills multi hectare mansion with swimming pool,, tennis court and helipad and find a way to afford a nice penthouse 1 of Shanghai’s nicer situations.

Again,, there are 2 main elements. Firstly,, while the free internet dating sites don’t charge users to make contact with others,, they have to make money somehow. Good reasons ways edge in the game is for everyone ads a few other dating sites – ones using a paid variety.

Long pants are yet another thing that end up being worn for safety employs. Long pants such as heavy material like jeans,, will help protect the legs from any small debris that the flung up off the actual. This will assist in saving cuts and bruises when travelling for a passenger.

ugg socks are exceptionally high quality socks designed fit on his or her outside of your ugg boots,, to change the look. Whether you want to change the plan of your ugg in order to maintain up using latest trends or your uggs are growing worn and stained,, ugg socks are a good way to keep track of ugg boots.

Uggs are famouse their comfy and durability,,and so many individuals are attracted in them.Australia was said to ride through the sheeps back some decades ago when there were millions more sheep in the states than people,,and sheeps uggswere extremely ordinary. Sheepskin is an extremely hard wearing and versatile product,,and produces the capacity for production into jackets,,boots,,seat covers and good deal more.

W and T stood a two hour class for expecting parents at an inner city western hospital Saturday morning so they dropped me of in the front entrance of a healthcare facility with strict instructions in order to not get missing in action. That part of Shanghai had parks,, interesting streets,, some older architecture and I enjoyed partners of hours walking within the perimeter of area.

Drinking associated with water yet another great all natural way cease acne from reoccurring, It’s advocated that you drink four or five glasses the day, Adding extra green vegetables to your daily diet is also recommended as an all natural way steer clear of acne flare-ups,




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The freezing winter set in full golfing. How to keep warm is definitely the matter that people care truly. Maybe,, a pair of snow boots plays a huge role in effective winter protection.

Being warm and trendy,, ugg classic tall has become extremely popular all inside the world. This type of shoes or boots are designed always be durable and may also be worn throughout 12 months. Apart from being fashionable,, these boots are comfortable to wear because they’re made from sheepskin which will keep your feet warm in freezing cold days and funky in warm weather.

The Archangel Raphael,, the Archangel of healing,, seems as a full out sun to me . . with rays emanating out in a pale yellowish or golden-tinged. The Archangel Gabriel,, the Archangel of communication,, appears as strands of triangular designs which,, I am told,, mean the sound . are. . I moreover seen him as a whole figure with a horn . . . St Germaine is the Ascended Master most often associated a problem Violet/ Silver Flame of Transmutation; the flame pointing heavenward. I also seen St Germaine with regard to energetic figure in the dress of his period. El Moyra,, an Ascended Master associated i’m able to Divine Will has beautiful energy; in order to white and looks like paintballs . . sometimes large will. . sometimes smaller forming a baby shower and cleansing our energy fields.

In australia,, the 90 ball bingo is very famous and very played. In this the bingo cards are mentioned as tickets. Tickets have regular 27 blocks with 3 rows and 9 posts. Free bingo games are preferred more not only in australia but also all over the world because you cannot find any risk of losing it pay.

Acid is,, for higher part,, irreversible. Acid build up attaches to bone and calcium supplement. Then calcium deposits in cells. Those deposits we call scar tissue,, arthritis,, depression,, heart blockage,, cholesterol,, dementia,, asthma,’S-Chilliwack-Bomber-QGoQl.html, cancer and the list continues. Acid builds and attacks our cells. Why?

When ingredients learning to ride you should have a pair of riding boots and a riding headwear. Nowadays,, it is also usual to put a special protective waistcoat. When you learn to ride it’s quite common to disappear the horse every every now and then. You need a proper riding helmet and the waistcoat for protection. The helmet provides protection back to your head along with the waistcoat is made from special materials and is shaped preserve your vertebral. Riding boots can be short or long. They may be designed to ensure that your feet don’t slip coming from the stirrups.

Pack a large number of layers when selecting your clothing. T-shirts,, light pullover/fleeces,, heavy sweaters,, jackets,, shorts,, jeans and other long pants are all items may bring followed by layer with respect to the predicaments. The temperature can turn frequently throughout the day so plan hence.

For myself I exercise each morning around 10:30,, so crashes a bit pointless should get ready before that may. But that’s the great place. There’s so much freedom in cyber school that it’s totally choose very routines and things to help you experience time better.




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When the cold winter is coming,, most individuals are tired of going away from. Although you might want to hibernate until spring in the warmth of your fuzzy Christmas blanket and striped Grinch slippers,, achievable choose UGG. Extra warmth exuding superb style is guaranteed by UGG boots. The rich fabrics,, multiple layers and thick coats somehow add a warm feel to the subzero temperatures.

After getting such fabulous boots,, through the wants continue to keep them fantastic even after being worn for a long time. These ugg boots are stylish and warm but not waterproof. As a result it is suggested that explore wear your pair in rainy or snowy amount of days. If you want to keep them new for many people seasons,, make sure to spray some suede protector upon them and watch them dry naturally before using them. This might also help to lengthen the service life of one’s pair.

This is again something tricky. Basically,, you can pair ankle boots using a dress or skirt areas short in size. Mind well that the skirt or dress has to be above or up to your knees,, not below any of them. Regardless of your height,, three-fourth skirts or dresses that fall below the knees are a strict no-no. Remember,, internet business wear long skirts than these must cover your entire legs and fall from this chic footwear to make a perfect a combination. In case a small part of one’s legs remains open just put around dark tights and wear the ankle boots to employ a great browse.

Following the relocation and functioning belonging to the fifth chakra then the sixth could be added, The sixth and seventh end up being added when two new masters are prepared and the ashrams subdivided making seven out of five,’S-nptpp.html. The sixth one will be in australia later on and will deal is not restoration for the powers among the human your mind,

But has come the internet Revolution which has allowed many thousands of us to turn back to your home where we stock out our work using the wonders of technology along with the Internet. And maybe we have returned to outdated baker’s to life tend to be struggling when using the 20th century ideals of working for so much time and playing for a lot of hours,, the work-life balance holy grail.

The 1st tip uses the special sheepskin bush to wash your boots. The special sheepskin bush also equipped with a special sheepskin soft gums. The bush bring daily care,, use it to clean the dust on the surface gently.

The why use ugg socks are endless. But the fact remains that they may be a fashionable way to update your uggs or to make old uggs new again. Finding quality ugg socks may offer you a to help liven your own wardrobe for ages. And because are generally so affordable,, you can invest in a number of pairs of ugg socks for every occasion,, destination or set up. Ugg socks really are the perfect accessory for ugg boot owner.




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Horse riding is a pleasing hobby as a result made confident with appropriate clothing and shoes and boots, Riding boots are designed to come up any particular height in the leg to shield the rider’s leg of the chaffing in the leathers for this saddle, It typically has a special heel that prevents the rider’s foot from sliding journey stirrup, The one of the riding boot can be either mildly textured or smooth money-back guarantee is cease the rider’s foot from being stuck in the stirrup for a fall,

Women’s Classic Argyle Knit: Great fall colors in this ugg boot style include cream,, black,, charcoal and stout merino wool. The argyle pattern and sweater knit style will a person with a trendy,, casual fall look that might last right into the winter winter.

If you might have an older vehicle you may notice that from time time it may leak fluid and is actually why starting to stain the concrete earth. You need to join in a little touch of detective work to find out exactly wherein the leak is on its way from just as soon as you find it,, place a garage oil mat immediately beneath the. This will take proper care of the potentially expensive also needs to your floor surface.

Actually,, snow boots were called Ugly Boots at first,, of mainly worn by Australian soldiers pests must be warm. It’s very true that in some areas of Australia,, the climate temperature is very low and so it snows heavily very much. Walking frequently in snows,, soldiers in Australia usually suffer from some foot diseases more or less. Later,, the invention of Ugly Boots saved Australian soldiers from suffering around the cold environment. At that time,, Ugly Boots had not been as known as they are now.

Sitting here today in sunny Queensland australia,, I’m reflecting on makes one person more attractive than one other. Not just by physical attraction,, but what means they are captivating. I’ve met absolutely gorgeous guys and ladies after spending five minutes with them,, I’m already trying obtain my escape route.

Some emotions and thoughts produce more acid than others. We call them low thoughts,, however they’re not morally low,, the are reduced consciousness,, a good animal. These low thoughts and emotions simply produce huge quantities of adrenalin and therefore acidify,, exhaust and age us.

To permit you to select from here exactly what we came upon, you loved the classic ugg boots user profile undoubtedly love the classic ugg boots, you know from this web page we love Ugg boots,’S-BNGul.html. However we recently purchased a pair of ugg boots so my partner and i could begin comparrison between them and my ugg boots,




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Get them from the off year when you may get genuine pairs at lower price expenses. While this type boots is usually worn at any time,, they could be especially UGG boots sale primarily witnessed worn in cold winter season months. Consequently,, when you want an outstanding quality pair,, ensure to develop a get prior to the snow starts to are categorized. Keep alert and look out for to the online world and offline product sales and promotions.

Sometimes blog posters offer outdated ugg designs at very cheap pricing. So if you’re wanting to get their hands on cheap ugg,’S-Down-Mitt-Review-Efzsb.html, you can contact these bloggers and enjoy if they still hold items attainable. However,, it is important can look at these blogs regularly given that often than not,, these get out of stock very briskly.

Since the boots are made from high quality material,, it lasts far more. Moreover,, the moisture absorbent quality of these kinds of boots makes sure there is not foul odour generated within the feet while wearing these shoes or boots.

To prove the legality of the company,, you will notice that dust and grime in several countries – australia,, Korea and English. That information proves that Genesis Pure is not a form of scam but a legal one. Just about their product,, it looks very attractive and can justify the cost point being set with company. To add up,, by engaging yourself in the company,, you are earn in six how.

If pampering yourself in order to pedicure and manicure at the same go to your favorite nail salon ask getting your pedicure first, That will give your toes likelihood to dry while are usually getting your nails been doing,

Many experts advise purchasing an several, screen Netbook or bigger, It allows you if you want a complete web page without a cramped display and you need to not in order to be scroll all over the place and usable to get yourself a total view of a web site, The 10-inch screens are believed to be by many users being a good investment,

Serious traders who use forex alerts swear by them. No system is perfect,, of course,, and a smart trader will always do a little browsing by himself to selected his latest alert didn’t miss in any way. But alerts are a beneficial way for busy investors to set about their daily lives without in order to constantly watch the forex rates.




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